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1. Discover it quickly if your hair is damaged and start handling it

If you answered yes to most of the above points, it's time to start treating damaged hair. With proper care, your hair may become healthy again. Restoring the risk of hair is essential as you realize it is indispensable, because when the injury spreads, it has no choice but to cut off the entire hair.

2. Cut off the damaged ends

If the end of the hair is straw-like, it is advisable to cut it off before it begins to repair the hair. Sometimes enough adjustment is needed to get rid of the damage and renovate your hair. You do not have to cut an extreme length. Instead, a minimal rebound helps to get rid of the injured twigs.

If the scissors used by the hairdresser are not sharp enough, they can do more harm than good. In order to make sure that the hairdresser's scissors are really sharp, ask him to cut off an aqueous paper towel. If the cut does not go smoothly, it's time to look for a new hairdresser.

3. Avoid heat-generating hair care tools (hair dryers, hair dryers)

As soon as you detect a damage, it's time to drop all the hair-care tools (or put them anywhere where you no longer have access to them). Heat is good for everything, not just hair.

Avoiding heat will help make your hair healthy again. Let the hair dry naturally and try out the devices that do not produce heat. When using a blower, use it at low temperatures or cool settings.

4. Say no to hair dyes and chemical agents

As discussed earlier, chemicals are the worst enemy of hair. It is not a good idea to permanently paint or bleach the hair if it is damaged because it further aggravates the damage. Avoid chemical treatment until at least healthy. Restorative remedies in salons usually contain chemicals. Therefore, it is good to avoid these and try to repair your hair with the help of natural ingredients.

5. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

When you need shampoos and conditioners, choose natural hair care products that are free from hard chemicals such as sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate. Replace your hair care products with natural ingredients such as oils and conditioner masks that you can make at home.

Although the products with the chemical components clean the hair, they will remove moisture and are extremely dangerous on the damaged hair. To avoid chemical accumulation, which causes more damage than good, select products that are free from hard chemicals.

Now that you already know how to repair damaged hair, what else is it waiting for?



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